Automotive New Year’s Resolutions Guaranteed to Improve Your Drive

Whether you loved it or loathed it, no one can say that 2016 wasn’t a big year. But now it’s come and gone, and as the fumes of 2016 slowly waft away on the wind, it’s time to focus on a new year, a better year – for you and your car. How about a few New Year’s resolutions for your car? They’re easy to follow through with, and not only will they save you time and money, but they could save your life.

Let go of that stress

It’s easy to lose patience with a driver who cuts you off out of nowhere, but might they have gotten terrible news? Perhaps they overslept and are late for a meeting; we’ve all been there. So, before you snap at the next person to dawdle in front of you, act calmly and rationally – they could be a new driver after all.

Road rage is simply not worth it, not at the expense of your health – stress really isn’t good for you – or your safety, nor is it good for your car. The heavy accelerating, breaking and erratic driving reduces the lifespan of several components and greatly reduces fuel efficiency.

Start eating right

It’s time to stop smoking, and to eat right and more regularly, and your car could use the same treatment. Check your car’s oil and water more regularly, at least once a month, to prevent nasty surprises, like breakdowns, because while smoking is bad for you, it’s very bad for your car. And be sure to use good quality oils when a top-up is needed, and it’ll run better for it.

Lose weight and get in shape

The more junk in your trunk, the harder you must work to get around, and that means more aches and pains – that includes your car. By reducing its carrying load, your car doesn’t have to work quite as hard getting around, saving you on wear and tear, as well as on petrol.

It’s time for a check-up

No one wants to see the doctor if they can help it – minus the occasional hypochondriac – but it’s important if you want to live a long and prosperous life. Your car should be serviced once a year at the very least, more if you’re a frequent driver. While you’re at it, have all your car’s fluids, filters, belts and cables checked. Like any untimely medical emergency, a mechanical one will cost you a fortune.

Lead a better life

Nothing good comes out of drinking, that’s especially true when driving. Not only are you putting you and your loved ones at risk, but the people around you as well. If you are going to drink, travel home with a friend or a taxi service instead. Your car is a multi-ton weapon travelling at high speeds; treat it like you would your body – with respect.

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