Buckle Up for a Whirlwind of Romance This Valentine’s

Tata Valentines Roadtrip

The good-old days of parking at the nearest lover’s lane for an ardent make-out session with a view are over. But that doesn’t mean you can’t ditch the clichéd dinner-and-a-movie skit for an adventurous car-themed date this Valentine’s Day. Here are some ideas sure to send your heart racing:


  1. These boots were made for…dining under the stars

    Pack a basket with delicious finger foods and treats, grab some bubbly and drive together to a cozy little spot where you can park your picnic. Open the boot and drop the backseats, throw a few blankets and pillows down and settle inside for a blissful private outdoor feast while the sun goes down. For an extra spot of romance, write your loved one a romantic message in glow-in-the-dark ink that will only appear after-dark.

  2. Turn your car into a time machine

    Take inspiration from the fifties for a throwback night sans the distractions of modern-day life (turn those phones off!). Start off by picking your lovely lady up at the door, flowers in hand. Hold the car door open for her and then whisk her away to movies at the drive-in, followed by milkshakes at the best roadhouse in town.

  3. Just go with it

    Pick your loved one up without any particular plans and drive around the city looking for hidden gems to visit or alternate in choosing places to go – for a drink at their favourite after-dark haunt, for a burrito at that new Mexican place you’ve been wanting to try, or even dancing. It’ll be an adventure you won’t forget.

  4. Set off on a romantic surprise road trip for two

    Plan a weekend trip away, pack a cooler box of Consol jar mocktails and don’t forget some delicious treats for the road either. Then put together a playlist of your mutual favourite tracks and set off on the drive, playing games that celebrate your relationship. You could take turns to recount your favourite memories together, your favourite things about each other or share your dreams for your future together. It’s just the thing to remind you that life is about the journey and not the destination.

  5. Get dirty…on the 4x4 trail

    If you’re not the hearts and flowers kind of couple, fun always trumps romance so show off your competitive streak and try and best each other on a spontaneous and unpredictable off-roading adventure. The fast-paced thrills and spills will give you a natural endorphin high that will keep you on cloud nine for the rest of the day, while you lunch at a nearby café or diner, talking excitedly about your bumpy adventure and maybe even planning the next one!

  6. Just act natural…and don’t scare the animals!

    Head off to your favourite game resort like the Kruger National Park for a wildlife sight-seeing drive. The natural setting will smooth out all your city stresses for the day and the fresh air and complete alone time – if you don’t count the impala and that elusive cheetah you’re just dying to see – will do you some good.

  7. Buy them a gift that can really take them places

    Instead of buying them a big gift with a big price tag with three or four zeros that they’ll probably use a few times and forget about, why not take them to test drive their dream vehicle and buy it for them, for as little as R999 per month! Read more about Tata’s monthly specials or contact us to book a test drive today.

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