Father’s Day Gifts For Car Fanatics

He knows all the specs of his vehicle by heart, and assembling a million car parts into something that actually runs is second nature to him. He switches from being a Formula One expert to just being your good old Dad in the change of a gear. Yes, your dad is a car fanatic – but finding a meaningful Father’s Day gift is challenging when you’ve exhausted the car-themed mug idea… again. If your old man is obsessed with his vehicle, here are some next-level gift ideas for him this Father’s Day.

Advanced driving course

If your father has been driving for decades, this course will only further enhance his road performance. Advanced driving courses will equip your dad with skills ranging from vehicle control when driving through difficult weather conditions to brake control that improves his reaction time. At the end of the course, he will earn an advanced driving certificate, and walk away feeling like a regular Stig while he’s at it.

Car merchandise

Men like to accessorise, too! If your dad is a car geek, he’ll appreciate some good merchandise for his vehicle. These nifty gifts can include car seat protectors in his favourite colours and designs, a cover for the steering wheel, and even a beautifully-designed carbon fibre shift knob for manual-driving dads.

DIY car cleaning kit

Keeping his vehicle clean and in good condition is a priority for your car-loving dad. Why not get him a comprehensive cleaning kit that consists of essentials to cover each area of the vehicle. A typical kit contains a bucket for holding water, a tyre brush for his wheels, microfibre cloths for the windows, and car shampoo and wax with an applicator sponge to get that bodywork shining like new.

A GoPro to add to his car kit

These nifty little cameras were created for thrill-seekers to record their extreme adventures, but they’re perfect for driving fanatics, too! Dad will never run out of ways to use his new gadget, whether as a convenient dash-cam for those scenic routes, or as the perfect tiny magnifying assistant when he’s playing mechanic under the bonnet.

Engine model kit

If your dad is more hands-on, he’ll love the challenge of building his own model engine! These kits come with instructions on how to build scaled models of some of the most marvellous supercar engines in the world. And if he’s way too advanced to mess around with a scaled plastic model, you could always get him the advanced version, which will keep him busy building a real, working engine that he can proudly display in his man-cave once he’s done.

Spoil your car-enthusiast dad with these top-notch gifts this Father’s Day. They’re the best way to thank him for being the designated family driver over the years, and to reward his love of all things motoring with an upgrade to his car-fanatic lifestyle.