How to Pick the Right Vehicle to Drive Your Small Business Forward in 2018

As an entrepreneur, you’re probably already obsessed with what drives your business, but how often do you stop to think about what your business drives?

From plumbers to pavers, caterers to cleaners and filmmakers to fitness instructors, in the service-based economy we find ourselves operating in today, it’s more important to be mobile than ever before. Small business owners, usually already on budgets that are stretched to the max, need affordable, reliable vehicles to serve their clients and scale up their operations if they ever hope to compete with the big boys.

At TATA, we’ve made light commercial vehicles one of the cornerstones of our presence in South Africa, and have already been helping entrepreneurs get the job done (more efficiently and more affordably) for decades. That’s why we’ve decided to put together this list – gathered from our years of experience in commercial markets – to break down exactly what you’ll need to look out for if you’re hoping to make the right choice – a reliable and powerful vehicle with all the features and attributes to make it your employee of the month… every month.

Ease of Loading and Carrying Capacity

Whether it’s a 12-tier wedding cake or a load of bricks, carrying capacity is everything – and extremely heavy, awkwardly shaped or delicate loads will require an easy, bump-free way to get your goods loaded up. Be sure to consider not only how much you will be loading – but what you will be loading, too, as you browse your way through dealerships looking for the perfect fit.

The TATA Super Ace, for example, boasts a body deck height of only 60cm, making it purpose-built for easy loading and offloading of goods. For your business, this translates to less strain on your staff (and yourself), less chance of damaging goods during delivery, and a faster delivery turnaround time – all great news for a time – and cash – strapped small business.

Service Plan

Business vehicles, especially those carrying heavy loads day in and day out, will require a little extra love and care to keep them in great condition and maintain their value for longer. More kilometres driven means more wear and tear, but that’s no reason to neglect your hardest-working employee.
We know, we know. In a small business, cash flow can be unpredictable, and the demands of your clients could see your vehicle maintenance taking a back seat. That’s where a great service plan can help. Talk to your dealership about arranging one specifically for your business vehicle while you’re still in the showroom. TATA, like many manufacturers, offers a fantastic 3-year (or 60 000km) service plan on its Super Ace models – so all you have to remember to do is show up on time! Easy, right?

What’s the point in buying a vehicle you’re going to spend a good portion of the day in, if it does nothing for you in the way of comfort? Extended periods of driving can wreak havoc on a weary driver – both mentally and physically, and as a primary piece of operating equipment, isn’t it time that commercial vehicles started getting a little more human-centric? An ergonomically comfortable seat, height-adjustable headlights, telescopic shock-absorbers, air conditioning and demisters – all of these add up to a happier, healthier driver. And you know what they say: a happy employee is a productive employee!

Buying a vehicle for personal use is one thing – your price point and your individual tastes can usually make the decision for you. But a business vehicle is a different story altogether. It needs to not only suit your pocket, but perform perfectly on the tasks for which you’re buying it in the first place. Do your homework before you splurge, and you’ll get many years of efficient, reliable service.

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