Love your TATA: How to Valet Your Car Like a Pro

So, you’ve gone and bought yourself a brand-new TATA. Regardless of whether it’s a sporty looking Bolt, or a family-friendly Vista, you’ll naturally want to keep it in tip-top shape for as long as possible. But professional car washes are expensive, and let’s face it, we could all use a little belt-tightening in this economy, especially with car payments for your new wheels adding to an already stretched budget.

The good news is that an expensive power washer isn’t necessary to get the same impeccable results you would at a professional car wash. Let’s take a look what you can use to make that new car smell (and look), linger for the long run with a valet service you can conduct at your very own home.

What consumables will you need?

Before you get started, you’re going to need to buy a few car cleaning products. Car shampoo, polishes, and dashboard conditioning products are crucial components to keeping your baby looking like it just drove out the showroom.

And equipment?

You’re going to need some tools to make use of all those consumables you just purchased. Don’t worry, none of these are going to break the bank.

First off, get yourself a sponge – it’s one of the most important weapons in a car-cleaning arsenal. For the wheels, arguably the part of the vehicle that attracts the most grime and dirt, you’ll need a wheel brush. Lastly, you’ll want to get your hands on nice chamois or microfiber cloth. You wouldn’t want to scratch or damage your stunning new car by drying it with something like an old towel, would you?

For the interior, you’ll need a clean cloth to do the wiping. An old tooth brush can be used to free those difficult-to-reach spots from dirt, and a vacuum cleaner (you have one of those around the house don’t you?) is necessary to suck up all the dust.

Getting the outside of your vehicle spotless

The valet process begins by hosing off the car to soften any dirt that may have stuck to its once spotless surface. After that, it’s wise to clean the wheels first. If they’re not necessarily covered in grime, you can dispense with the brush in favour of your sponge and give them a good wipe.

We’re now ready to get started on the rest of the car – remember, it’s important to keep the surface damp while you wash it. Follow the instructions of whichever cleaning agent you have chosen to make a bucket of soapy water, and then use it to clean the exterior (remembering to rinse your sponge at regular intervals). Focus your attention on each individual section, and work your way from top to bottom. Circle around as you go, as the soap will drip down. This saves you having to rewash a section at a later stage.

After another rinse with the hose pipe to remove any excess soap, you can grab your chamois or microfiber cloth. Use your preferred choice to ensure the car is completely dry before you apply polish. Take your time and use small, circular motions for best results. Once applied, wipe the vehicle down with your appropriate cloth for that extra shine!

Turning your attention inside

Start your interior by getting rid of any unneeded garbage you may have accumulated. Next, you’ll want to remove your mats, shake them out, and then give them, and the inside of your vehicle a good vacuum. Don’t forget to wipe your dashboard, steering wheel, gearstick, and any other surface to rid them of dust and dirt.

Give your windows attention too

Sure, your windows got cleaned during earlier steps, but you want to give them that added sparkle to make your gorgeous vehicle really stand out! Wipe them down with an appropriate cleaning agent, both inside and out, giving special attention to your windscreen so you’ll be able to see clearly when you’re driving around town.

Keep your car smelling fresh

Unfortunately, there’s no way to make that amazing new car smell last forever. There are other ways to keep your interior’s odour nice and fresh however. The easiest way is to purchase a scented candle or fabric softener package, and simply leave it in your vehicle. Replace either the moment their beautiful smell starts to fade.

And that’s it. Follow the above steps, and your TATA will look as good as new inside and out, and smell great for many years to come!

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