Small Enhancements that Make a BIG Difference to Your New TATA

So you’ve researched, saved, financed and insured – and you’re now the proud owner of your very first TATA! You’re ready to hit the road in style, and take it from us – a TATA, whether it’s a zippy but powerful TATA Bolt or a sporty looking Indica Flash, is just the way to make your mark on the motoring world.
Naturally you’ve already chosen the specs you prefer, as well as the paint colour to match your personality – but to really take your sense of self-expression as a road-user to its pinnacle, there’s nothing like a few enhancements and additional extras to make your new TATA as unique as you are.

Wraps and Decals
Wraps and decals are for more than just business branding! A quick Google search will show there are many companies throughout the country who specialise in vinyl wraps, stickers and embellishments to add a little personality to your new wheels. A few subtle yet sporty racing stripes adds a bad-boy edge to any car, and for the more dramatic driver, it’s even possible to have a half or full wrap done in a variety of colours and finishes. Check out for a little inspiration.

New Rims
While standard factory hub-caps have come a long way in terms of design, if you’re a baller or a shot-caller, nothing beats the look of brand new alloy rims. Not only do they come in a huge variety of styles, they’re also theft-proof, unlike the plastic hubcaps many of us are used to. Matt or shiny, black, silver, and with endless variations in between, they’re a perfect (and pretty affordable) way to update your new TATA with premium accessories. Get in touch with Minty’s ( and Tiger Wheel and Tyre ( to find out more about their ranges and find the perfect rims for your look (and your budget). New aluminium rims are available for as little as R600 each, depending on size and style, so this big upgrade comes with a relatively small price tag that makes it well worth the investment.

Putting your personal touch on the interior of your new TATA is not only a great way express your individual style, it’ll also keep the inside of your car in better condition, for longer. Consider buying some cool floor-mats and seat-covers (just make sure they fit first). Not only will they look great, they’ll also protect your interior from those burger-sauce-and-milkshake mishaps that will invariably come around when you’re hitting the town with your crew.

A car isn’t just a car – it’s a means of self-expression! And while there are thousands of TATAs zipping all over South Africa, just a few small enhancements here and there will leave you with a vehicle that is unmistakably yours and yours alone… without a single plastic eyelash in sight.

And don’t forget that many TATA models have a whole selection of accessories and add-ons to choose from – from body kits and spoilers to bike racks, mud flaps and sun roofs. Checkout the individual models’ pages on to find out what’s available for your specific vehicle and get accessorising!