The Ultimate Driving Playlist

Driving with our favourite music is a proud tradition around the world! Many of us even spend hours compiling the perfect playlist strictly for listening in the car. Music can turn driving from a chore into an absolute pleasure, lifting our mood, keeping us calm during rush hour, and making those long rides bearable – even enjoyable! Whether you’re going nowhere slowly during a road trip with friends or a lengthy family vacation, the journey is incomplete without music for the car. Here are a few suggestions to add to your ultimate driving playlist.

Post Malone – Rockstar

This pop rock song is the only tune you need to make you feel larger than life when you’re behind the wheel. It’s a celebration of the freedom that comes with owning your own car, and will leave you feeling proud, unstoppable, and as cool as your favourite rock star.

Imagine Dragons – Thunder

Powerful, anthemic songs are music gold for the car because you can turn up the volume as loud as legal – and this chart-topper is the perfect example. Just try to resist belting out the lyrics with the windows open next time you hit the highway! This genre-blending, high-energy track is the ultimate driving accompaniment when paired with a great set of speakers.

Lady Zamar – Collide

A local breakout hit in the house music genre, we (like the rest of South Africa!) can’t get enough of this sultry songstress. This song is an instant cheerful pick-me-up, and the easy lyrics are ideal for a bit of solo karaoke. Enjoy it on a slow afternoon drive and you’ll be sure to keep playing it on repeat.

Cassper Nyovest – Ksazobalit

When you’re heading out for the night and need music to get you and your crew in the mood, this fast-paced hip hop track will prep you to party. The title’s literal translation is “It’s gonna be lit,” so there’s nowhere to hide from its infectious beat as you drive to the club.

Goldfish ft Sorana – Hold your Kite

Just for EDM lovers, this mid-tempo song from SA’s favourite electronic duo feels refreshing and light. When driving down the coast, you might find yourself pulling over and parking just so you can stare at the ocean. If that’s the case, relax for a bit while listening to vocalist Sorana’s gorgeous voice.

Bruno Mars – Finesse

This upbeat song is a throwback to ‘90s RnB, and it’s just the kind of family-friendly tune to keep the clan entertained on a long drive to your vacation destination. Feel free to practise your dance moves in the mirror and tap the steering wheel in time with the latest offering from one of our favourite cross-genre crooners.

The Killers – Joyride

What’s a driving playlist without a little joyride? This funky rock song is spot-on accompaniment to a sunset drive with your partner. The easy sing-along lyrics will evoke that feeling of liberation. Think life on the road, dusty deserts and summertime heat.

Tracy Chapman – Fast Car

This hope-inducing song is a staple on many driving playlists for lyrics that force you to contemplate your own life journey. It’s the song to listen to when you find yourself driving alone with only your thoughts for company on a long, straight road.

Vanessa Carlton – A Thousand Miles

Who doesn’t love a classic, cheesy karaoke car song? This one’s impossible not to sing loud and proud at the top of your lungs. As you cruise along with your childhood besties, you’ll recognise the piano notes and reminisce about your youth.

Two of Us – The Beatles

If you can’t get enough of the classics, then this song is the perfect listen, especially when you want to spend more time in the car. Drive along with a trusted friend on a Sunday with this playing, and you’ll find yourself (voluntarily) taking the longest possible route to get home.

Driving can be frustrating, or just plain boring, but not if you’ve got the right music ready to go at a moment’s notice. Allow your music playlist to set your mind free. Use it as a means of unwinding after a long day at the office, or simply to keep you entertained in the car – whether you’re headed around the corner or across the country.