What Drives You, Ladies? Take Our Quiz

Ladies have a way of keeping busy, so whether you’re a student who juggles university and a job to put a dent in those student loans, or you’re a mom slash corporate top dog, you probably haven’t had much time to sit down and just think about you. This quiz will take just five minutes and gives you a chance to drill down into your priorities, which can help you direct important decisions in your life going forward. It achieves this by identifying what you have in common with some of history’s greatest feminine forces. Take the quiz now.

Amelia Earhart
You’re a progressive gal who knows her mind and how to speak it. You don’t let other people’s expectations dictate your path forward in life, and those who know you might describe you as adventurous and ahead of your time. Most importantly, you know life has its ups and downs and there’s no use trying to steer around them. So, tackle them head on in a Xenon Evolve, a ride that’s as adaptable as you are.

Penny Heyns
You’re impulsive and dive headfirst at any opportunity to have some fun or try something new. Just because you’re in touch with your feminine side doesn’t mean you can’t be fierce, and you get a kick out of showing the boys how it’s really done and proving the impossible possible. Indulge in your need for the fast life and show off your sporty side in a nippy Tata Flash hatchback.

Frida Kahlo
Free spirited with a strong sense of individuality, you believe that life is a blank canvas for you to fill. And that means striving to make every day even more exciting than the last. You love new things and you’re never afraid of making the wrong choice, because you believe that everything happens for a reason. That’s why the TATA Bolt is the ideal car for you, offering you a choice of hatchback or sedan in a palette of five different colour options.

Miriam Makeba
Just like Mama Africa, your vibrant and lively personality is infectious to all around you, and your boundless energy means you like to stay on the move. You’re also a muso at heart with a lot of love for your country, so your ideal getaway is most likely to involve a well-DJed road trip in a vehicle that’s as colourful and bold as you are. The TATA Vista is perfect for you with its body coloured bumpers, wheel caps, as well as a well-designed and slick dual tone dashboard. However, you’ll also be tempted by the TATA Manza’s state of the art 2 DIN Music system with Bluetooth and USB connectivity and audio controls mounted on the steering wheel.